How many articles should you publish everyday?

Freelance writing comes as a very big challenge for many writers. Because, there is a need to put extra efforts in publishing online.  It may take a long time in collecting the info or to research on the topic. But you should never give up writing. Because it keeps your writing abilities and skills in tune.

I start off writing in a random process, but I keep my article writing titles ready before the day. I also have a lust of sub-heads to write fast.  Having little tips will help to write fast and it works on concept and presentation in writing clearly.

Write fast !

If you wish to write fast, there are three important tools to follow.

1. Practice good typing speed
2. Good grammar to write fast
3. Proof-read

Writers who read and gain are very successful.  The best tip to follow is to write more and write regularly. I practice a lot of writing and there were times, where I used to manage client's work as well my self-publishing work. Writing practice will also make you a self-critic of your work and makes you a better writer each time and every time.

Keep the topic in line to publish many articles

Choose a single topic and develop article titles. Just make sure that your article title is not too old. But it should be very interesting title with at least one good keyword in it. Use good keywords, quality content and a good writing style. Be very communicative and write in a conversational tone. Try to win the interest  of audience.

The process for writing many articles on a single topic.

Work on article titles
Work on sub-heads for each article
Have at least five lines per paragraph
Include both introduction and conclusion for every article
Be very sincere in your writing skill
Stick to your timeline

Use sub-heads as a tool to write clearly

It is truly important to create sub-heads that brings a lot of benefit to the audience. First it becomes an easy process to write fast. Second , the reader can quickly get a complete outline and can understand the essence of an article.  Also sub-heads should never be difficult to understand. Try hard to create simple sub-head titles.

Finish one before taking up next

Never leave a work half-done. Complete the article before you take up the next. The process will keep your spirits very high and you can keep your work under a control. It is always a very good practice to write regularly but what to write is also a very big question. So choose your niche very carefully, preferably that is interesting for you and audience.  Article outline, keywords, sub-heads and ideas will give you a perfect timing to complete the article in time.

Go by word count / ten articles of 350 word each

The current trend in publishing articles online has changed recently and it is said that audience are looking for long posts instead of short posts. So if you can write a 1000 word count article in 1-2 hrs time or less, it is good to go ahead. I write long posts now whereas previously, they were only limited to 350. If you really wish to make your freelance career a success, it is always good  to go for long posts.

Writing for clients online brings a very big challenge. If you are working for 18 hours per day, you can dedicate 5 hours for your publishing, and 13 hours of time, you can dedicate to clients. Publishing on your blog or website or a publishing website, is really crucial for your online presence. Keep a regular contact with one or more publishing websites and choose an interesting topic to win a good traffic.

Publishing a blog post or an article is a very good practice to acquire perfection in freelance writing. There are many good writers online and if you can take time to read them and leave a good comment, you will also soon get recognized as you begin to learn about how to write fast or write a good article.

Use online alerts / trends / hot topics to choose an article writing idea and article title. I started my resume writing blog in 2010 and published 400+ blog posts. This work was done Ina systematic way. I continue to publish resume writing  articles on my blog.  So writing long posts or short posts, publishing articles daily will surely bring a good response to you. It helps a lot in your career / profession in many aspects.

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