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How to publish articles that gets a big number of views?

Article writing, article marketing, SEO article or  blog article, it has its own benefits and it cannot be compared. There are wide opportunities to get a good rating for an article. There are very few steps that can bring about an excellent feedback,  comments and rating for an article.

1. Take research on the topic

Check your topic in Google and read the articles that are already published. Can you develop different article idea and make it interesting. Can you discuss a lengthy topic and still impress your readers. Most of the readers begin their reading and just jump to the next page if your article is not interesting. So you must provide good info, an order in writing along with excellent flow of logic. It must be like a storyline trying to convey the best form of information to the reader.

2. Arrange the data and info to a particular order. This will surely help to draft an article in an orderly format.Since a wide length of new information is required, understanding and keepin…