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15 Tips to Finish Your 500 word Article in Less Than Ten Minutes

Whether it is for your own blog, website or a publishing website, you need to have  an article outline that guides you through as to what are your sources of information and how you would arrange the content in the article. Starting off in a random manner, may not help you get more visitors to your blog/website, which is why have  an outline and a list of points that you wish to state in your article.

Formula for sub-heads = 500 word count / 10 sub-heads = 50 words for each sub-head.Type 50 words per minute. - 5 minutes typing for 500 words.

1. Keep the alarm for Ten minutes  

2. Begin writing for each sub-head

3. Allocate Five Minutes for each Sub-head

4. Write conclusion 

5. Write the introduction 

6. Check for the SEO keywords

 7. Proof read the article

8. Prepare author bio /resource box

9. Insert hyperlinks in a blog post

10. Read the article thrice

 11. Select image and Title of the article

12. Write article tags/labels

13. Include email at the end of article

14. Submit and Publish the articl…

All About Choosing Your Article Title

Article title catches the interest of a reader before it is gone through. The best way to write a title is to be innovative and create an interesting article title. Check in Google whether the title of article is ready published and never be monotonous as your article will ever appear or may be ranked lower by search engines. Create a title that encourages a reader and include a lot of information within the title. For instance, you can say " Use a safe moisturizer in winter for glowing skin"

The more interest you create in your article title, the more views you will get and some times, if you are unable to get the title, go ahead and finish off the article. Then come back and work on the article title. You can even take the first sentence of your article and use it as a title. But the good practice of working on an article title is to have at least five articles and choose the best.

Taking time to work on article will prove to be a valuable work as how-to articles re great…