3 Ideas to develop stunning blog posts

Google Keyword Planner has innumerable adwords for your blog. When you search for the keywords that go with your blog, you see a big list of keywords along with statistical data. The traffic coming in search of specific keywords never remain constant. This opportunity is big and unique to select few targeted keywords to develop your blog post. The more research, the better are the results.

Articles online have exceedingly won the interest of audiences and with the growing requirement of article writing services, many clients opt for outsourcing article writing. If you have ventured into article writing career, this big decision will help move forward for many reasons. There are two tools required for you to stay successful.  The first tool is to stay motivated and second tool is to have your own blog or website to publish articles.

For those who launch their career online as an article writer, you can never aspire to be a general article writer. Because,  clients search for specialized profiles. If you are not among those, you may never succeed. Try acquiring expertise in one or more areas of article writing. Viz., Fitness, SEO article writing, Health, Electronics, green environment or any. The more specialized your writing skills are, the great is your income.

SEO Article Trend
 Google Trend search for SEO article indicates that there is a growing need of SEO article writers. If you practice and develop excellent SEO articles, your business is always in trend and as SEO writer, your services are greatly in need. For example, let us check with the Google Trend Term “health” for the year 2015. The term has been greatly in demand indicating high statistics.

True, that the competition for health articles can be very stiff, as there is a big number of writers who are already working as article writers on the topic of health. But you can diversify your topic of expertise, such as nutrition for health, vegetables for health or any other popular topic and gain expertise. Your blog is the biggest resource for your specialty. You can post any number of times and share your works on social media.

List of Blog Post titles
Never have just one blog post title to go with, but work and prepare at least five titles before you select the best. Because, blog post titles have been very specific and if you cannot attract audience with your blog post, you will never gain any traffic.

Read More and Write More
How many blog posts have you published so far? Have a clear analysis.  When you read online, you are sure to get more ideas to work on your next blog post. As long as you are ready with keywords and blog post title, you are on the winning side. Keep writing either as an article writer or SEO writer, soon your services will win.

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