4 Amazing Facts for Success in Article Writing

When I searched for the keyword "article writing success" in Google search bar, I noticed that nearly 21,20,00,000 results recorded in a span of 30 seconds. This is an amazing truth about article writing that success is not at a distance. There are two important tools that will reinvent and reinforce your spirits to succeed in article writing.  The first tool is to keep reading and second most power tool is to write more everyday.

While some consider it as a hobby, many are dedicated and invest a lot of time in writing. With heavy opportunities coming online for quality article writers, leaving 9 to 5 job and establishing a freelance writing career has proved to be a prospective venture for many reputed online writers. Although there are different varieties of online writing jobs, article writing has continued to be greatly in need. Finding a good article writer is also a hectic job for many companies, as they are not sure of experience and writing skills of writers.

But the fact is, unless an article writer is an expert in a specific niche, there is no assurance that articles will be of good quality. Job boards, forums and online freelance sources, continue to reject articles, due to lack of high quality content. Having made an entry into online writing career as an article writer, withdrawing is never recommended with the fact there are plenty of online guides, resources, eBooks and successful article writers who offer reliable tips and advices to take up article writing as a serious career. True those rejections will lead to a lot of disappointment and sometimes not having enough work will lower income levels. But there is a definite source of information online for practicing your writing,  until you build your confidence to develop high quality articles.

Article writing industry will grow exponentially in the near future basing on the fact that, it has come a long way enabling small and big businesses to create a cyberspace and a world of information. You will notice that when you wish to find out information about a gadget, movie or any topic of your interest, there is a display of innumerable results to click and read. This bountiful source of information is available in some form of articles which is why a career in article writing can never be undermined.

With or without experience in article writing, you can start off and continue writing as the following facts will encourage you to stay motivated in writing industry.

1. Polish Your English Grammar

Having graduated from a reputed university, you will be confident about your English writing.  All experts in article writing check every word, sentence, punctuation of their writing, before it is published. This explains a fact that, polishing your English writing skills is the first step for a successful career in article writing. There are many writers, who were not successful in winning the interest of businesses to develop articles due to lack of vocabulary, grammar and writing style. Therefore the regular practice should be either to consider a grammar test or run your blog post or article via a grammar check. This will help you build adequate skills in editing, proof reading and making it a perfect error article. Spell check should never be ignored in article writing. When you practice this format, you will soon gain a correct understanding of online writing style and will select your niche to gain expertise. 

2. Dedicate 30 minutes for your Blog Everyday

Creating your blog in Blogger or Word press is one of the easiest and safest tasks for you to be a successful article writer. These free resources, allow you to write your blog posts as many times as you can and share it via Google+, Facebook, Pinterest or you can email your peers and clients. Blogging is one big source to qualify as a professional article writer. You have liberty to pick your niche and start blogging. There is no limitation on number of blog posts you can publish in your blog. Many writers try to monetize their blog and try hard ways to generate income stream. However, you should focus your blog as a big platform to demonstrate your writing and skills. The more you write, the better is your quality in creating articles. In the beginning of your career, you can work on a single blog post with a word count of 1000 or more. This will help you to understand about your style and design better ways to write the next post. Publishing a blog post daily is a must task in the beginning and if you can share it with your friends and colleagues, you will get a feedback about your writing skills.

When you share your blog url for writing jobs, there is a scope that you will be awarded writing jobs. As you focus on the quality of your writing, the reward is never too far away, as you begin to earn from article writing. Your practice in writing blog posts, is your biggest investment and your hard work pays off in a big way.

After gaining a bit of experience, you can offer guest blog services and this opportunity will bring a unique recognition and reputation for your work. Remember that all have started in a small way and over a period of time, their work was recognized on a bigger platform. Treading the path of hard work will soon make you realize that you too can be a successful article writer and earn join the income stream.

3. Share your work on Facebook

Facebook is a very big inspiration for new writers. As you share link, your friends get to see your work and they comment and appreciate your work. This big truth of positive remarks will encourage, inspire and motivate you to write more and publish more. Make it a practice to share your blog posts on Facebook. It is a common practice for the audience to spend time on Facebook, chatting with friends, viewing pics, commenting on events and sharing posts is an all time trend. The advantage of Facebook is that, you can grow your popularity quickly and this is a place where results are assured. 

Sharing your work will bring in connections with other professionals and potential scope to grow your network. In fact, many professionals rely on Facebook for their professional development, by sharing business quotes, blog posts, web sites and online articles. 

4. Appreciate the work of peers

Leaving  positive comments online will indicate that you are a voracious reader. Traffic online will follow you and read your website articles and blog posts. Remember that reading is a never ending process, the more you read, the better your competency, skills and knowing is knowledge.  When you appreciate the work of others, you will also explore more about your profession. Online industry is full of content and you will be surprised to know that only quality content gets good reads and there is no value for bad content. Take time to read high quality articles and encourage your peers to write good content.


While many struggle to market their writing skills in freelance writing career, few have already earned reputation, income and they are still going great. So the main key factor to remain successful is to never give up and start learning by reading guides, spending time on popular websites, publishing works and marketing your services. Without your knowledge, you will soon be very busy working for clients who appreciate your writing skills and you never know, that it may be today, tomorrow or may be just now.. by the time you finished reading this blog post..

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