Resource Guide for Profitable Article Writing Online

Staying in the field of article writing, it is a great experience to devote time to research the online and to create the content in a rewarding manner.

But it does not click always as many article writing forum members say that they have either experienced a good client who rewards with payment for excellent writing or slashes the payment.

It happens with many writers and it is time to have a clear chart sheet to move forward to earn freelance job writing contracts.

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1. Invite your clients to have a reading of your website or blog

2. Brief your framework, profile and expert areas

3. Quote your prices

4. Discuss payment terms

5. Delivery period

6. Feedback, review and opinions

Since article writing is going its heights online, writing contracts have been expanding and will continue to grow.How to Write SEO-Friendly Articles That Engage and Earn in 10 Easy Steps (Freelance Writing Tutorial Series)

Your skills and expertise matter most and you should make sure that your clients are seeking your services regularly.How to Earn Money Writing Articles

Build and gain more reputation online and never stop practicing writing.

As a freelance writer, you are greatly in demand only when your writing quality is exceptionally good.

Try hard and write regularly on your blog and share it on facebook.

Try the following writing techniques to win a contract everyday.

1. Write interesting blog posts

2. Collect a variety of articles that explore about your topic.

3. Share your work on social media.

4. Comment online when you come across a good piece of article.

5. Read, write and practice.

When you are disappointed for not winning writing contracts

Remember that your peers have made it to their success and you will be achieving it. But your hard work and dedication should be consistent to ensure that you get emailed for developing articles, blog posts, web content and much more.How to Build an Article Writing Business and Earn $100 an Hour! (Work from Home Series)


Writing jobs are full of profits. How you are doing it and the strategy you are applying to sell your work online is very important to earn profits.

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