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Top 5 Article Writing Easy Ideas To Blog Daily

Practicing article writing is an asset that will build your writing skills to the highest level. During the practice, you may run out of article writing ideas. Also, there are so many published articles online that may disappoint you to find an idea. But there are few innovative article writing plans that will help you stay motivated to blog daily.

1. Write About Your Diet

From pizza corner to Burger King or from fast food restaurant to five star hotel, you will enjoy good food. Whether at home or at canteen, food is most precious and delicious. As you enjoy your daily diet, when you share on blog, your audience will learn more about good food, its benefits and even share their own experiences. Pick a theme and blog about your daily diet. This is easy to write as you enjoy your writing practice.

2. Your Likes and Dislikes

What you like or dislike is most welcome on your blog. Your blog owns you and you have authority to write and express your personality. In fact it helps others to u…

9 Topics To Practice Article Writing for Earning Profits

Gone were the days when almost every published article was visible. But now with Google Panda 4.2, thin content, low-grade quality content gets filtered. With vast volume of content being uploaded to Google search engine.Blog or website, content must be crisp, interesting and engaging. Following Webmaster Guidelines and Google Quality Rating Guide is strictly essential.

Venturing into online career appears quite prospective, but there are countless  hard line to cross before being successful. Many have tried while only few have made their career big. The biggest secret of success is in anchoring, pursuing and consistent effort.

Staying inspired, self-motivated and dedicated to article writing will certainly bring out the best in you. With cyberspace being so fast, finding a space for your work will be easy, if you are persistent. Practice in article writing is the most important key factor for staying in business. The more is what they say, rather than saying, ‘I have written one bl…

5 Ideas to boost profits from Article Writing Services

If you own an article writing service business, you are sure to write more and publish online. Since millions of freelance writers and growing ideas for writing articles, the competition in the online writing industry appears very tough and there is a probability of no income at all. According to only 21.8% are employed as authors, writers and editors and they are either employed or working part-time.  In the U.S there are nearly 281300 are employed as writers. The term “freelance writer” includes several jobs like, article writing, SEO articles, blog posts or any other content marketing jobs.

 If you are running an article writing home business, there are few essential elements that you must pursue to have a regular flow of content creation needs.  While United States, India, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia continue to increase the demand for writers, it indicates a potential scope for you to earn more by selling your work online.

When you are running out o…

Top 11 Attributes of Quality Content

Top corporate giants and upcoming start-up SMEs allocate a top priority for content development. Because of the fact that, if an online business or service is to be successful, it would always be with the medium of content marketing that would be spread across search engines in the form of articles, ads and promotion articles. Therefore, building a credible and trustworthy content is a definite attribute to succeed online. Examining and evaluating content will help in identifying the lacking areas and it further initiates to take up few new strategies to develop content and publish. It is apparent that detailed content with interesting features will be read by audience and few never withdraw from posting comments. Keeping this important fact in view and to grow network in your profession, you must work very hard to publish high quality and originally drafted content which will help the interest of the audience.
1.Publish 1000+ blog posts or articles
To make your website or blog popular, …

7 Top High Quality Search Queries for Article Writing

If you are in article writing career, you plan to increase your business or grow in job. How to know that your services are greatly in demand and that is by searching Google Search Engine.  It displays full time jobs, freelance writing contracts and hiring services. You may or may not be successful in winning writing contracts, but if you have a blog, it is the best source to demonstrate your writing skills. Rather than practicing too many topics, it is highly recommended to develop in one specific area. In the beginning, it appears as a very hard task, but slowly and steadily you will gain good confidence. Google Trends will provide the high or low popularity for a specific key term.
Adding a single term or multiple terms will provide the time trend which is most useful for choosing a business or profession. Finding a suitable search query is also very important and that is a lot of help in using within an article as a primary or secondary keyword. Google Trends will display regiona…