How to be a winning SEO article writer

Google adwords and SEO keywords contribute highly to the success of your business. Google Search Engine loves high quality content with organized keywords. So what are keywords and how they should be chosen for more clicks is discussed in this blog post.

I just typed "small business ideas" in Google search engine bar and I got the following results:

 It clearly states that keywords from two words / three words / a sentence delivers results with that keyword in tone.

Therefore the success is all about keywords and the relevant technical term is "Search Engine Optimization" Your business has a plan for marketing products / services. To be able to pull your website / blog in search engine results - you need to go for search engine optimization.

Let's see how to do it?

The name of your business must be relevant with your domain name. For example, my business is  - content writing - so I have chosen Alpha content writing 

I also have a blog titled Good article writing 

Blog Analyzer Report for my blog : good article writing

To get more clients and grow popular online, I definitely have to choose SEO.  Honestly speaking, SEO is a very vast subject and some of the tasks related are highly technical. For example  - Blog description with keywords - Meta Tag - Check 15 awesome tools for SEO competitor analysis

Since our main focus is on choice of keywords, let us know and analyze how to choose keywords to include in articles and blog posts.

Sources for choosing keywords:

Google Adwords - Keyword Planner

To choose keywords to write this blog post, I logged into my account and typed the keywords "SEO keywords, keyword article writing" and added my blogspot URL - and I got the following Ad words - keyword ideas.

SEO keywords - keyword article writing

So I have selected these two keywords to this blog post. Apart from Google Keyword Planner, there are other external websites that guide you choose some of the best keyword article writing.

1.Keyword Tool. io

3. Term Explorer

4. Moz's keyword difficulty tool

5. SEM Rush

6. Ahrefs

7. Accuranker

8. HubSpot's Keyword Tool

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Now that the first part of SEO keyword search is completed, the next part of writing is to learn how to start keyword article writing.

Is there a pattern to write SEO articles? How to arrange keyword in an article? These are some of the common questions.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

"Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results—often referred to as "natural," "organic," or "earned" results." (Source: Wikipedia)


Image result for SEO content quotes 

Examine the following facts in your keyword article:

-         Engaging content

 Engaging content in article writing connects and allows more sessions, page views and comments. If the goal of your article is to help the buyer to buy, article engages fully to read.

Image result for quotes on content 

-         Customer-centric

Image result for customer centric content
 Since your article is fully customer-centric, there are fillers in the article, but it is an inspirational article to inspire readers to access products / services. Since SEO articles are aimed at bringing more traffic, these articles are more like motivational articles rather than a general article.In fact, every word attaches great value to the customer.

-         Data-based

 Image result for data based article

The data conveys more value to the customer for knowing and this is the most crucial part of SEO writing. Without any specific relevant data, SEO article appears as a general article and it does not deliver any results. Data gives a special significance, nature, importance, relevance, need and supply. Customers online are in need of services and whichever SEO article helps them in reaching has a purpose.

 Watch Video: Wistia video

Image result for what is SEO article writing 
-         Researched information

First take research and collect some new information. Get it relevant to the article you are writing. Assess whether it helps audience. Address the issue only when it really conveys help to the audience.

For SEO article, data helps to make understand customer about the relevance and enables knowing and attaching value to the quality of information.

 Image result for research keyword article writing

-         Interesting & informative

Image result for informative and interesting SEO article

Stay away from writing spontaneous and hasty writing standards. Since it is not a regular article and as every keyword has more value for a business, you need to prepare content with value while attaching information and interest. Without your interest, SEO article comes as a poor quality. As long as you write in the interest of targeted audience, you never go wrong, but stay in writing excellent SEO articles.

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SEO articles get rejected when this key area is not met. Because, of all the article writing formats available, SEO article writing delivers speedy results. This is why, companies look for efficient and high quality writers.

Image result for quotes on interesting content
-         Proposes decisions

-         Helps as a reliable source

Image result for reliable SEO articles

With nearly 40% of world population using Internet, it is apparent that e-commerce industry boom has just started. This further discloses the amount of small business owners taking the help of Internet to advertise, market and sell their products. This is where SEO article writing comes in exactly to deliver good services to the Internet traffic. Therefore, write SEO articles as a reliable and helpful source to help the readers.

Some of the SEO article directories are as follows:

1. Ezinearticles

2. Other Articles

3. Articlesbase

4. A1 Articles

5. Street Articles

It pays off to work very hard on SEO articles and sets you up as a successful highly paid SEO article writer.
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Image result for SEO content quotes
-    Organized Keyword density  

Image result for SEO content quotes

SEO works like a magic and being part of it is staying in profits. To create quality SEO articles, understand context first and how the value of article delivers service to customers. Keeping these two facts in view enables writing good quality SEO articles.

The most crucial part of article is to organize SEO keywords. Where, How, Why are some of the questions you need to ask before adding keyword.

Any misleading sentences cut down the purpose of article.

The mentioning of keywords in the article need to be maximized and never minimized.  Assign special preference to long-tail keywords.


Hope this blog post has help you in some way. Convey my heartfelt thanks to the third party sources. Focus on quality and check articles for meeting the standards to pass the test of SEO article detailed above.

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