How to Write Articles in Freelance Way - Part I

Article writing is currently leading as an opportunity to earn from home. This is an ideal part-time job for housewives, students and professionals. As a beginner, you may not know where to start. Internet has a lot of information on how-to write quality articles that audience read. As compared to any other writing jobs, article writing has no hard-and-fast rules. It is just that you need a lot a practice in writing good English that inspires readers.

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Many article writers feel that they spend a lot of time in writing, and even then they are not hired. But the fact is, you need to reach to that level where clients wait for your work and they search for you.  In order to reach to that stage, apart from practicing writing, you need specialized knowledge like customer interests, ability to attend to problems, solving problems and articles that deliver a lot of information to audience.

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So, how to write such type of quality articles that audience read? Let us go by the topics. I will be providing a lot of tips in this blog post for each topic that will be a lot of help for you to write good articles that sell your work.

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Freelance writing

 Freelance article writing is a wonderful opportunity to own a career in content industry. With Internet at home and with good writing skills, you can own your office at home. Advertise, market and sell your writing services. Earn a six-figure income. But this process takes time and you need to have patience.

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After you gain good recognition and reputation, it is time for clients to come back to you for your work. The more clients you have, the more you are busy with work and it also reflects on your earnings. As you build good client relations and keep their promises, you can take one-step ahead and seek referrals. Here is how -  Seeking Referrals from clients - Don't be shy

When you have decided to be a successful article writer - stick to the following:

- Publish Regularly

- Advertise your services. Example, brochures, flyers, videos, social media posts, blog posts

- Offer best prices to customers

- Deliver quality content 

- Prioritize the interests/needs of audience

- Prepare the content interestingly

- Develop solutions for audiences

  Why Rejections occur

When clients hire you depending on your writing skills and experience, they expect you to deliver good quality that has organized information, interesting content and it helps client to achieve their objectives in publishing content for their business requirements.

Therefore, follow the instructions, write simple and easily flowing words that is quite engaging and delivers good results.

Rejections occur when client is not able to understand your content or if you have not delivered good quality. When you plan to write for clients, prepare a checklist in the following method:

- Understand about the subject
- Prepare sub-heads
- Follow introduction, main body and conclusion
- Arrange keywords naturally and maintain keyword density
- Create a logical flow in paragraphs
- Discuss only one angle of a topic in a paragraph

 Small Business 

Your small business is your rotation of daily sales, customers and profits. In fact for many small business owners it is a 24/7 work.  To be successful in small business, it is essential to communicate online about your products, business advertising online, marketing and there is so much of work-to-do everyday to grow your business. 

Since your finances, investments and sales matter most for successful running of your business, it is essential to choose cost-cutting advertising channels such as, YouTube, Facebook and Google+ that promote your business for free. 

For Internet marketing, content comes as most brilliant idea to reach your audience in first place. Work on flyers, brochures, facebook post and Google+ posts to deliver information to your audience.

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Believe it or not, small businesses can use the Internet of things

For small business, content writing should be very specific and must have the following:

- Very specific angle for discussion in a blog post / article
- Clarity and honest presentation of views 
- Explain in detail 
- Discuss the benefits and highlight them in Why, How, What, Where, When
- Ensure quality of service
- Deliver satisfaction of services
- Discuss about the significance and how the service benefits the audience
 - Be very specific in outlining your article
- Give a good title
- Write sub-heads in tune to the content of paragraph


Work-at-home is a wonderful opportunity for many housewives, students and professionals to earn at home. Whether freelance writing or gift basket, candle making, ice cream cone making or tailoring, you can certainly earn income. With plenty of time at your end, you need good time management and schedules to work on daily-tasks.

Or as a professional skilled servicemen, you can launch your own services as an certified electrician, license men, Home Appliances Repair service, Air Conditioner Repair, construction worker, wood furniture worker, or any other, with the expertise you have with your education / certified course.

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Looking at timber and seeing the future of home and business

When you publish content on the topic of work-at-home, follow the aspects stated below:

- Write about the new ideas just newly launched
- How work-at-home saves time
- The potential scope for advertising and marketing on Internet for free in various channels
- The concept of start-your-own business to work at home
- Choose and discuss only one angle of topic in one article
- Use good keywords and maintain keyword density
- Profitability
- Capital required and where to find investment
- How-to work at home
- Tips to save time and work for more hours to earn grand income
- The dos and don'ts
- The measure of care required
- Write the content with a lot of interest to inspire audience


When you are running a home-based-business and there is an excellent rise in launching new business ideas, that include, wedding plans, photo album maker, digital printing, catering, food delivery service, courier service, flower bouquet service, boutique business, home salon, or any other, you need content to advertise and invite customers.

For advertising online, you need content that delivers the following:

- The list of services you are offering
- Why your service is ideal to choose
- Professional skill
- Experience
- Reviews of customers
-Maintain a regular communication with audiences via social media
- Write in small paragraphs in blog post / article
- Maintain 300 word count  for promotional and 400 word count for non-promotional writing
- Write and publish interesting content

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Customer Management

When you are writing about customer management, you need plenty of data that includes statistics, business volume, and how a business can achieve its track with customer management. To write about this topic, you need specialized research and a good understanding about audience both online and offline.

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When you are writing articles about the topic customer management, ensure that your title / topic is in the interest of customer that helps and delivers valuable information.

Below are some of the tips to write articles:

- Give focus on problem of customer and solve through content
- Explain why, how, when and detail the subject
- State more details on what-to-do and tips on DIY
- Deliver complete satisfaction to the customer through your article
- State reliable information
- Hold and retain the interest of customer
- Write a non-promotional article

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Article writing is successful when you are writing as non-promotional. As long as your aim is to invite traffic and customers, the success rate may be minimized. Ensure to write quality information that retains the traffic and you will gradually invite customers that seek your services.

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