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How online games can be a good source of education programs for children

With the growing emphasis on education there are many schools that assign heavy load of home work and assignments. While this becomes a very big burden for children missing lot of play time in the evenings, there are many methods in which children can learn about English, regional languages, math, science and social studies through online games. Some of the online games include puzzle games, sport games and other spell-check games that can offer both entertainment and learning for children.
Better learning through computer games
Children who in middle school or high school can always spend good time in playing online games and learn more about their school education. In fact this is a very progressive and recommended method of learning as writing down in class rooms, black board teaching are limited to teaching as time is very limited for each session in class room. Therefore teachers and parents can offer complete guidance in helping children to learn through computer games that can b…

10 Best tips for article writing titles

Article writing titles have lot of importance as online visitors stop-by to check and read your article only by the title of your article. So making sure to work on article writing titles will surely win not only good traffic but also many favorable comments and opinions from readers. Choose title either short or long to invite attention of readersWith growing content online, at times it is very difficult to choose and identify articles. But one of the good practice is to go by the article titles and enjoy good reading. Therefore as a writer, it is really important to make interesting titles either in 5-7 words or more than 10 words.
2.Consider long title as a good one
Since online content invites both native and non-native English speakers, it is always recommended to keep the title as long so that those who are interesting in knowing more can always click on long article titles and can follow the online article.
3.Make the title as simple but make it good to read
Title being the mai…