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Food challenges confronting world population

In the recent years, we find that there are growing needs of food among poor nations. As there is a rise in the prices of grains, vegetables and dairy products, many poor people who work on daily labor, find it very difficult to buy groceries.This is gives a fact that there is a need to expand agriculture sector and control market prices for selling essential food products.
Especially women and children have to be given the best care and this requires free subsidy of food that can be given to poor nations who have no infrastructure and lower industrial development. While efforts can be made towards building of agriculture farms, fields and home gardening to grow vegetables, the hour of the need is to meet the immediate need of food challenge and supply free food to poor and needy.
These challenges of food and poverty can be met with when there is good funding in International voluntary food organizations that offer free supply of food in remote areas where there is no access to clean wa…