7 Facts To Know in Video Marketing

Hubspot infographic  and Guardian state that at least 69% of consumer traffic will be coming from video marketing. So what comes first in a couple of years  and that is definitely video marketing.

YouTube being the biggest reliable free video marketer, it records over a billion views and at least 1/3 of Internet population uses YouTube for watching videos. Nearly 80% of views are from outside U.S and YouTube is available in 76 different languages. The age group stands between 18-49 who click on videos. The growth in video views has grown by 40% since 2014.

This confirms a fact that there is a great impact on audience who prefer to watch a video either for cooking, knitting, product advertising and marketing.

1. Consumer Time Management

Fast moving trends have transformed the life style of consumers. With Internet in homes, entertainment is very near to watch videos. Many families make it a habit to watch a video as a family time fun. So also, for buying products, preference is given to videos for those who plan to save their time. In fact every youtube video has a new advertisement.

2. Quick Access to fast and accurate information

This one of the newest ways to reach audience and market products. Customers appreciate the launch of new products and wish to know more. While music, text and images play on, it gives a greater information to know and understand the uses of new products.

3. Video impact

At least 60% or more is the video impact and audience take time to watch before they make a purchase. From Coca-Cola to L'oreal, advertising and campaign is considered to be the finest source to send buying signals to the consumers.

4. Widely Enabled

Since translation is available, video marketing can reach every demography and language helping audience to buy more sophisticated products. There are many clothing brands like Levi Jeans, Barbie Doll, Cadbury Silk and Nestle became popular.

5. Easy-to-follow

Going by the most commonly spoken languages, video marketing is enabled in a simple format and text that is understood easily to make a buying decision.

6. Convey knowledge and reasoning

Video advertising companies empower consumers to draw the benefits in many ways. From the point of knowledge to the point of buying, the journey and map of consumer behavior and buying psychology is examined carefully.

7. Transfer of Decision-making

By educating audience via video marketing, businesses have actually transferred the benefit of decision-making which helps audience to watch the videos and make a better decision-making at all levels.


The growth in video marketing is certainly on a grand pace coming up rapidly.

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