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21 Questions Before Publishing Your Article

Article writing is an achievement for many and passion for some. Spending plenty of time to create a high quality article has always been the routine. Otherwise, the results are definitely poor and may be there is no probability of conversion.

So for a beginner venturing into a career in article writing lay several challenges. With or without training, many have attained success. But the route map for hard work is very clear.

The biggest question is,  why are you publishing this blog post or an article?  What is your plan of action to develop this article. While there may be a scope for many more questions, the following is the guideline to have answers before finishing the article.

1. Why are you writing this article?

2. Who are your audience?

3. What do you want the readers to know?

4. Are you an expert in this niche?

5. Are you providing single or multiple solutions?

6. Do you have source of data

7.What do you think that readers should understand after reading your article?

8. Have you re…