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Small business content comes in many types each having its own benefit. From web content to ad content, your customer buys only when he or she like your content. How to create different types of content for small business? Be it  web content, blog post, article marketing or ad text, clear set of goals bring good results.

An article titled  - small business at a glance - in Entrepreneur states that the average revenue of a small business is $3.6 million and the average annual revenue of a small business with a website is $5.03 million. This data tells more about increasing growth in SOHO (Small-office-home-office) and confirms that expert skill is necessary to write every piece of content. Writers are greatly in demand for helping SOHO to meet the content marketing goals. Here in this blog post more points are specifically highlighted for the benefit of  writers to be able to write effective content for small business.

What is good content?

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Good content has the following:

- consistency
- quality
- relevance
- readability

Content that lacks any one or more of the above is not a good content. To be able to create quality content write an outline before you start.

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- What are you writing about?

- What is the topic and focused area?

-  What results you want to achieve by publishing this piece of content?

- What are the goals?

- What are you selling and how it benefits your customers?

- Who are your audience?

 - What is the context in which you are writing?

- Get answers for Why, Where, Who, What and How (4Ws, 1H)

After writing an outline answering the above, create crisp and quality content . Aim for the goals to meet.

Web content

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Web content is written for websites and  is now treading at its peak as hundreds of small business websites  are landing their products / services. This is the best area for you to display your talents and help business grow.  To write good quality web content, check the following aspects:

- Type of business

- What does the business do

- Who are the audience

- Is it a product / service

- Competition in the industry and market

- How unique is business

- How it benefits customers

- Does your web content generate traffic and how?

Blog posts

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Blog posts published every day on Internet is given at blogging statistics. 

The success of a small business is also contributed by blog posts. It reveals about the growing audience interest to gain from blog posts before buying. To write a blog post, you need the following:

- Collect industry news and market data

- Give a comparative view of your product

- Give more focus on benefits

- Provide a list of ways

- Include CTA (Call-to-action)

- Create content that has value and gets likes, shares and comments

The most important key aspect here is to be able to write quality content. Clients reject your work, if your content is not able to meet their goals or if you have poor quality writing skills.

Create your own blog for mastering skills in writing quality blog posts and it is your marketing tool. Sample works referred by you bring you more clients and grow your income.

Small businesses need more blog posts to market products / services and if you have won their reputation, you are good to go.

The secret of success for a blog writer is in practice. The more you spend time for each of your blog post, the better are the results as it delivers better writing experience.

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Pay per blog post is anywhere between $2-5 that clients pay.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is yet another effective marketing tool for small businesses. They select this program to grow and expand their business as a cost effective method. This opportunity clearly gives more ground to do hard work. This implies that every article that you produce is relevant and directly create interest among targeted audience to click. Getting more traffic, conversions and leads are some of the goals of article marketing.

The pay per article begins at $2 per 500 word article and the fee is increased by the quality standards.

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Ad Text

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Advertising industry forecasts $252.2 billion by 2018  per statista 

In this massive market, can you find a place to be a successful content developer for advertising? Yes, you can. For getting more experience, practice writing ads as you browse online. Content for banners and text links varies.  In addition to desktop, laptop and tablet, now mobiles and smartphones have added greater opportunities to advertise through videos, power points, SMS and many other models. There you have a very big career to setup yourself as an ad writer.

Learn to develop ad text for each segment of advertising after the rules below:

- Understand customer experiences for each channel
- Analyze the amount of audience and who are they
- Likely interests of audience
- Why will they view your ad
- What percentage of audience will navigate through the buying stage
- How to write content?
- Know that ads for Facebook are written with a specific goal
- Google ads go by CTR, Adwords, 

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To understand about writing ad content, note the following:

- Ad text limit is 50-100 characters
- Write attention inviting content
- Captures audience interest
- Identifies their needs
- Enables quick visits
- Helps in knowing more
- Promotes businesses

Banner ads

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Content for banner ads is published to bring more attraction, traffic, SEO and leads.

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Your success is highly depending on getting multiple skills that meet the business advertising, marketing, promotion and selling goals. Regular practice in writing and paying interest to customer experiences will certainly make you a successful small business writer.

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