How to write articles in freelance way - Part II

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For writing quality articles for any topic, you need good knowledge about how it works, why it is important and how it adds value. For example, if your topic is web traffic, how to write articles on web traffic.

1.Explain what is web traffic

2. Why it is important

3. How to implement website traffic tips and techniques

4. What are the top benefits with website traffic

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 There are hundreds of small businesses in your local region. They may be in search of website traffic, and this is your opportunity to find out about their article writing requirement and create some fully SEO optimized articles for their sales and profits. 

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How to write articles for Business Promotion

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Business promotion has several methods to advertise and market online. But one of the successful strategies mostly popular online is, social media, article publishing and advertising online. While many businesses prefer to pump more and more content online, you never assess about ROI. What I mean is, every piece of content need to have certain goals and targets. Below is a list of essential tips to follow for best results:

- specific angle of a topic aiming for discussion to solve some problems or inspire audience
- Call-to-action requirements
- SEO keyword (preferably long-tail SEO keyword)
- Convey good message in every paragraph
- Be descriptive in content wherever required to explain and describe valid points of discussion
- Every sub-heading need to deliver valuable info that appears new to the audience

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 How to write Health articles


Health is a vast topic and this niche has plenty of content online as many consider it to be an easy topic to publish articles. However, it requires exclusive and professional analysis to narrate medical / researched / scholarly articles. Barring that part, many writers try to gain proficiency to write about health articles using relevant terms and apply their skill to publish quality articles online. This will build their expertise and will in turn on a long pace.

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Some of the best tips to follow while writing content on the topic of health:

-  Work on quality and read your content several times for editing
-  Publish articles on various health topics regularly for gaining an appropriate voice for easy and fast writing
- Practice long-form content
- Read the articles of other authors

As a freelance writer, you wish to gain expertise in health article writing, it requires extensive reading and writing, to be able to share your work samples with your clients for winning writing projects.

How to write Fitness articles

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With diet supplements and several fitness equipment entering markets, this is a very good topic for you to pursue in order to stay successful earning more revenue writing articles on fitness.

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As new research takes place, there is always a scope for new fitness products to enter market and you may be hired to write product promotion articles and product reviews to promote products online.

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There are millions of people working on fitness and everyone need to choose their fitness product according to their own requirements. This is why, as a fitness article writer, you have a volume of writing tasks waiting for you, if you gain a good practice and expertise in writing this niche.

Some of the best tips to write fitness articles are as below:

- Write and publish fitness articles aiming at one specific angle and discuss in detail why it is so important, the benefits, prevention and health tips to stay fit.

- Write good quality content to get more comments

-  Keep a list of work samples to share with clients for winning big projects on fitness writing


It takes time and patience to be persistent in investing hard work. But it pays in the long run. The more time you spend in writing valuable content that meets the needs of audience, you are sure to reap good rewards as a freelance writer.

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