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"Super Mario Run" gets ready for Android Phones

"Super Mario" game for iPhone and iPad, has finally come along on Android after a 99-day exclusivity period with Apple, and it's really good.  The "Super Mario Run," game is the first smartphone game of a universal  plumber with moustache. It appears like classic 2D Mario and it plays similarly. But there's just one caution, this is not a game with pixel-perfect jumps and deep challenge. Mario moves from left to right and as foes and obstacles come in his way while making progress. But you don't in fact control the speed or direction of movement of Mario in the game.

Rather, tiny Mario instantly runs from left to right and your job is to tap the screen to take a jump. If you hold after tapping, Mario jumps slightly higher. No swiping, no virtual d-pad on-screen, no Bluetooth game pads connected to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. You are more concerned with stamping on enemies and delicately timing your taps to jump at the right moment rather than being …

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AppleCare+ extends to one year from 60 days

Apple has now extended the AppleCare+ to qualify for new iPhone hardware. The time frame of 60 days from the purchase of new iPhone to signup for AppleCare+ has now been extended up to one year after the purchase of new iPhone.

The senior AppleCare advisor stated that this continuation of time frame applies to iPhone while iPad, Apple Watch and iPod touch will continue to have the 60-day eligibility options. It is also stated that the change is subsequent and therefore iPhones sold within the last year also qualify for AppleCare+.

Priced at $129 fir iPhone 6s and newer and $99 for its iPhone SE, AppleCare+ extends your warranty coverage to a period of two years from the date of purchase. It also includes two incidental damage coverage that are each subject to a $29 service fee for screen damage. iPhone owner will pay $99 for any other damage. This also facilitates AppleCare+ 24/7 priority access to Apple support.

Although the added insurance protection of AppleCare+ is a welcome feature,…