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Eating Salt makes you feel hungry not thirsty: New study finds


AeroMobil unveils Flying Car with a production limit of 500 units

Flying cars are almost here. Aeromobil, a startup in Slovakia, in Europe, has showcased the commercial design for a flying car at an expo in Monaco. It is now available for preorders at 1.2 to 1.5 million euros (approx $1.28 - $1.6 million). The company stated that the preliminary round of deliveries for the AeroMobil Flying Car are expected by 2020. Also, the company aims to produce 500 units of the vehicle available for commercial ownership while complying with air and road regulations.

According to Stefan Vadocz, CCO, in order to fly, the vehicle need to take off from an airfield or approved space. Further, Operators need to have both driving and pilot license. It's also not clear whether the audience will accept the concept of flying cars basing on several safety concerns. But governments continue to impose regulations for related technologies especially like self-driving cars and drones. The flying car of AeroMobil can fly both on road and hit the skies, in contrast to Uber and Z…

Facebook begins its work to implement optical imaging

Facebook announced that with a team of 60 engineers, social media giant is working to build brain-computer interface that allows you to type with just your mind without invasive implants. The team plans to implement optical imaging to scan your brain a hundred times per second to detect you speaking quietly in your head and translate it into text. Regina Dugan, the head of Facebook’s R&D division Building 8, shared more details to the members of conference that the aim is to allow people to type at 100 words per minute, 5X faster than typing on a phone, with mind alone. “What if you could type directly from your brain?” Chief of Facebook R&D says. She demonstrated a video of a paralyzed patient at Stanford who can type using mind with an implanted sensor. Chief also explained how Facebook wants to move ahead without the use of surgical implants.

While the work in Building 8 had only begun working on the brain typing project six months ago, it is now collaborating with UC San Fran…

Google launches Google Earth - Gives access to VR tour

Google artificial intelligence (AI) will work for Earth users in the form of “knowledge cards” that allows them plunge into online information about mountains, countries, landmarks and other places visiting virtually. It will also recommend and suggest on other locations wherein explorers may be interested in exploring more based on their past searches. "This is our gift to the world," Rebecca More, Google Earth Director says.  Thi