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9 Practical key Areas to Know About Content Marketing in Your B2B and B2C Business

A tiny cumin seed,  the second most popular spice globally, is used in every curry and snack. Though being small in size, cumin plant grows anywhere between 12-20 inches tall. Having both health and medical properties, a pinch of ground cumin can add much flavor and taste. It is greatly used in Indian cooking.

As said, content marketing is essential for your business to win customers, grow traffic and stay popular online. Small, medium or big enterprise, working on content marketing strategy is the most competent task that makes you busy.

Innovation, creativity, CX (customer experience) and UX (user experience) are applied in content creation to enable benefits to readers. It will further generate fast and quick results.

# 1. Elements of content marketing

So, what are the ways in which content marketers can work to create profitable and user-centered content?

Work on content strategyPrepare a content marketing strategyIdentify audience (buyer personas)Develop content in the interest of…

55 Content Marketing Terms to Know for Content Marketers

Content marketing is a unique strategy approach towards achieving successful sales online. While it never works randomly, it is required to have content strategy and content marketing strategy. However, there are few basics to understand before making an entry into content marketing.
Now, are you ready to take off for the next up coming terms most commonly used in content marketing? Knowing more about the content marketing terms helps in better understanding.

Let's find out!!
A/B Testing
Web page or content page is checked with many variables that may include a headline, content format, layout, subject line etc. This model of metric-based evaluation called as A/B testing gives results depending on the testing of variable. 
Above the fold
Content that is mostly on the top of a website that mostly invites the attention of a visitor. 
Affiliated Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a revenue stream for affiliates who place ads on their own websites and whenever clicks and sales are ma…

How Big Data can Grow Your Small Business? (4 Big Data Tools)

Having a small business online, your daily goal is to sell and grow profits daily.  In spite of having competition, you make it happen on Internet with SEO, Press Release, Google advertising, Facebook advertising and article marketing. While this has been the ongoing process of content strategy and content marketing online, did you that AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning is almost there for you to help speed up finding customer behavior?

There is a complete transformation in the world of business with Big Data. As known to you, mostly the data comes from emails, images, whatsapp, facebook, twitter and from many other sources of videos.

By 2020, it is estimated that nearly there would be six billion smartphones in the world. The smartphone sensors  (GPS) are so powerful that they can quickly track weather, location and even how fast we are moving.

Apart from smartphones, it is also estimated that 50 billion smart devices like fridge, smart TV, watches and even light bul…

Top 39 Online Trading Firms in U.S. for High Profitability

There are 60 noteworthy stock exchanges worldwide and the total worth of global stock market is $75.3 trillion (2017) according to IMF. 
Top 10 stock exchanges by market capitalization:
#1. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
With a market capitalization of over $30 trillion with nearly 2,400 companies listed, NYSE has a stake of 40% of global equity market. 
Having 3,900 listed companies on its board, NASDAQ has a capitalization of over $12 trillion. 
# 3. London Stock Exchange (LSE)
LSE holds a market capitalization up to $5.8 trillion having 2,500 companies listed from 90 countries. 
#4. Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)
Listed with 3,575 companies, the market capitalization is nearly $5.5 trillion.
#5. Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)
Having over 1,366 listed companies, its market value is $5.05 trillion.
#6. EuroNext
Having $4.18 trillion worth of market, Euronext has 1,300 listed companies. 
#7. Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKeX)
Having nearly 2,500 listed companies, HKeX has a market cap worth $4.1…

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Relates to Content Marketing?

With AI (Artificial Intelligence) making its way into content marketing, how would you perceive the operations of your online business? The co-relation between AI and marketing is almost interdependent, AI tools, software systems and its applications have already made an impact. There are emerging businesses quickly implementing AI software into their business systems.

4 highlights of content marketing for your small business

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) also known as machine intelligence (MI) is demonstrated by machines as against human intelligence. In terms of computer science, AI is a study of "intelligent agents" accommodated in any device that achieves an understanding about its environment and takes actions to maximize opportunities of achieving its goals successfully. It is also referred as " cognitive " functions that humans associated as "problem solving" or " learning." (Source: Wikipedia)

What is Cont…

How to Write Effective Product Reviews? (Apply CX and UX)

Product review writing requires not only personal experience, but also the value of benefit rated by other users as well. With hundreds of products available online, writing product reviews is not only a part of content marketing career, but it also helps e-commerce traders online as their products are rated high quality, usability and reliability.

Why content marketing is the future for your business?

Human-centered content takes the power play to write for products.  While content marketing drives sales it is quite an exemplary to set out for writing online for reviewing products that help buyers. But the unique aspect of difference is that, product review writing need to blend with the views, opinions and customer experience and user experience (UX).

What is customer experience (CX)?

According to Customer experience, it is defined as:

 Customer experience = Success + Effort + Emotion

It is also stated as “T…