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How to know about Moderate Weight Loss?


Price : USD 1.00

Word count: 360 


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How to start off with weight management psychology?

word count: 500+

Price: $ 2.19


Weight is most treasured and it’s so personal. 
With or without the medical advice of a doctor, 
you wish to make a note of diet and weight on a daily basis.  



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3 Tips to know about Mental Health Awareness

Word count: 540

Price: INR 150

Sample content:

Mental health issues could range from depression to trauma, anxiety, dementia, CMD or any other. But the diagnosis is mostly done by a psychiatrist.



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Facts on women mental health globally - Buy the article for INR 90

Word count: 370

Sample content:

At least 41.9% women are affected with depressive disorders, WHO says. Chronic mental health issues are prevalent among older adults and these include depression, organic brain syndrome and dementia.



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Cheating Behavior in Business: 10 Tips to find Salvage 


Word count : 700 words


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How to create inspiring SEO content in content marketing to drive traffic?

500 words

Price: $3.09



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The secrets of Tax savings in small business in U.S  

Fee: $ 3.49 

Word count: 500 



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How to Know About Expected Life Span of a Small Business? 

Word count: 500  

Price: $ 3.00



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How to calculate your ideal weight? 

Price: $5.00  

Word count: 465



How God works for your financial blessings? 

Price: $ 4.00 

word count: 360



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How to search for a job?

Price: $ 2.65 

Word count: 600



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 Easter Greeting Card Verses 

Price : US $ 2.00   

No.of Verses : 10